Custom Adaptions

Don't see the toy you want in our store?  Already have the toy and just need it adapted?  No problem!

We can custom adapt most battery powered toys!  Here are the steps to getting your custom adapted toys.

  1. Fill out the form below.  If possible, include an online link to the toy.  We will make sure the toy is adaptable and email you for specific details.  If you don't have the toy yet, we can purchase for you directly.  If you have the toy already, you can simply ship it to us.
  2. Custom adaptions cost $30 USD per toy, which includes the materials and labor for the adaption, as well as the return shipping.  If you choose to adapt 3 or more toys, we offer an automatic 10% discount on your order.
  3. Once your newly adapted toy is ready to go, we will send an invoice to your email address.
  4. Once the invoice in paid, we will ship within 2 business days.

  Let us custom adapt a toy for you today!